If there is a bug, we’ll spot it.  If there is a feature that could make the users’ lives easier, chances are we’re already working on it. This dynamic department is home to unique talents who have a deep desire to continually advance our product and we use our technical skills, project management abilities and innovative ideas in order to continuously challenge the status-quo.

Voices from the team

"QA? We love being our website's biggest critics - we're always ensuring that things run smoothly and that our experience with trivago is of the highest quality. It's also exciting to see all of the different features on our website, knowing that our fantastic team individually approved each one of them."

Mario Schimanski

"It's great to work in a creative environment where my innovative approaches are needed. I like to think of new features for our hotel search and optimise existing elements in order to improve your experience on our website. Seeing that my work affects millions of visitors every month is extremely motivating."

Serena Isone